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Hearing Awareness Week 2015: Addressing hearing conditions

One of our precious five senses, hearing is something that is far too easy to take for granted until we begin to experience trouble with our ears. The Department of Health's nationwide Hearing Awareness Week aims to highlight the effects of hearing loss as well as how to prevent it and when to seek treatment.  […]

Hearing Awareness Week and protecting Australia's hearing

As one of our integral senses, our hearing is an incredible feat of nature, created by a balance of functions between the ear and brain. However, despite the human body's incredible ability to heal and regenerate, once hearing is lost, it can never be fully recovered.  The Department of Health's national Hearing Awareness Week is […]

Smoking and hearing loss

With the all the health risks associated with smoking, it's surprising that people still pick up the habit. While side effects such as heart disease and lung cancer are generally well known, new evidence suggests that smoking cigarettes could be associated with yet another health condition – hearing loss.  According to the Australian Bureau of […]

Protecting your ears during the cold season

With the onset of the winter season, we all need to start taking extra steps to keep ourselves healthy. The drop in temperature, as well as the usual winter bugs make it important to think about the steps we can take to support our wellbeing.  Whether or not you wear hearing aids, there is plenty […]