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Don’t let hearing loss hold you back

When you first discover that you have a hearing problem, it can be an emotional time. Whether you've been battling on, unaware of exactly what was happening, or you've been in denial about your condition, the journey to restoring your hearing can have some ups and downs. 

However, just because you have a hearing impairment, doesn't mean you can't pursue your goals and passions. Here we look at what you can expect, as well as an inspiring hearing aid wearer, Ingrid Vanderveldt.

You're not alone 

Hearing loss is a growing concern around the world. Here in Australia, it's estimated to affect one in four people1 – meaning you are far from alone in sharing this journey. 

Often one of the concerns people have about hearing loss is having to wear bulky, unattractive hearing aids. However, as your audiologist will show you, modern hearing devices are incredibly sophisticated, with some being nearly undetectable to passersby. 

Once you have been fitted with hearing aids, you'll gradually adapt to using them in your everyday life, giving you the confidence to go about your life. 

Introducing an inspirational hearing aid wearer 

Ingrid Vanderveldt is a public speaker and entrepreneur with hearing loss. Ingrid Vanderveldt is a public speaker and entrepreneur with hearing loss.

Entrepreneur Ingrid Vanderveldt has had hearing loss since she was in school, but she hasn't let it hold her back from pursuing her dreams.

"I didn't know I had hearing loss at the time, but my principal told me I could no longer go to public school when I was in fourth grade. After years of testing, they discovered that I was experiencing hearing loss. Once it was fixed, I was finally able to excel."2

Now Ms Vanderveldt is the chairman of Empowering a Billion Women by 2020, and has spent time as a member of the United Nations Foundation Global Entrepreneurs Council. 

When Dr Natalie Phillips was introduced to Ms Vanderveldt, she helped her to find the right hearing solution. 

"She heard my story, and knew that I never went to get hearing aids," she told HearStrong, adding that it was thanks to Dr Phillips' encouragement that she got tested and fitted for hearing aids2

"Being fitted for hearing aids was like getting a pair of glasses and seeing for the first time. All of a sudden the world became clear."

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