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Connecting to the internet via Oticon Opn™

What is one of the first things you do when you get home? Turn on your phone's Wi-Fi and check in with everything internet-related, of course. There's no point wasting precious data at home when you've got your wealth of wireless internet to use!

You may log in to social media, and perhaps watch a funny video or two that's popped up on your feed. If you have hearing loss and have been equipped with the ground-breaking Oticon Opn™, you'll receive sound directly to these hearing aids as though it's your own personal headset – fancy, right?

Let's take a further look into the wireless possibilities that the Oticon Opn™ can bring.

Tea for two

Being able to hear and connect with a wider soundscape will be a cup of tea. The Oticon Opn™ hearing aids draw on a Twin-Link™ Communication platform to deliver two capabilities – binaural processing and streamer-free connectivity.

The first one, binaural processing, aims to replicate the way ears naturally hear sounds. We have two ears, situated on either side of our head. This allows us to place sounds to location, determining the source of sound and from which direction it came from. It's similar to how we have two eyes to see dimension.

To support binaural hearing, the Oticon Opn™ hearing aids can communicate with each other – something that no other hearing aid is yet to achieve! This provides a user 200 per cent greater communication capacity, making for a richer and more complex experience of the soundscape.

Let the Oticon Opn filter sound, while you enjoy company with your loved ones.Let the Oticon Opn™ filter sound, while you enjoy company with your loved ones.

Double link

The other side of the Oticon Opn™'s connective capabilities is the Twin-Link™ Communication platform. This combines NFMI (near-field magnetic induction) to deliver wireless, powerful 2.4 GHz direct streaming with other wireless connective devices. It's low on power, so won't place any significant wear and tear on your hearing aids as it normally would, and you're able to connect to entertainment systems such as smartphones, tablets, televisions and even watches with your hearing devices.

Your family won't have to sit through excessive volumes and you won't strain to keep up with distorted, fragmented sounds. The wireless ability to connect is something that only Oticon has been able to deliver so far! 

Tune into your smart devices together with a smart hearing aid.Tune into your smart devices together with a smart hearing aid.

How does it work for you?

Not everyone is constantly attached to their devices – we get that. However, the wireless capabilities of the Oticon Opn™ hearing aids deliver much more than just the ability to tune into media. It's first and foremost a hearing aid, designed to deliver clear and concise sound to the user. Run through the OpenSound Navigator platform, this device can attenuate noise between words, reducing noisy background noise from social conversations.

This reduces strain on the brain as it struggles to place sounds to meaning. The end result is 20 per cent less listening effort, to then understand 30 per cent more speech1, even in the most complex soundscapes.

For those that are less prone to delve into online entertainment, the wireless capabilities of the Oticon Opn™ still allows a wide variety of benefits. All sorts of home appliances are able to connect to these hearing aids – think calendar alerts and lighting systems.

If someone is at your front door, your Oticon Opn™ device can let you know. Same goes for calendar events, the end of laundry cycles and even emails. Apart from alerts, your device can also trigger smart lighting, thermostats or security alarms to your desired setting when it is within range of your home – handy for even the most technologically-challenged! 

Choose technology, choose Oticon Opn™

As you can see, it's a hearing device that benefits people of all ages. This could be the upgrade you're looking for, so click here to make a booking for a FREE* hearing test. Alternatively, you can also call us on 1300 674 934.

1Compared to the Alta2 Pro.

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