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Are there times when you shouldn’t wear your hearing aid?

When you're first getting used to wearing your hearing aids, you'll want to be wearing them as much as possible to allow you to adapt. While this is a vital part of restoring your hearing, there are also some situations when you should leave your hearing aids in their case. 

Here we look at a few of the times when you don't have to wear your hearing aids. 

When you're going for a swim 

Whether you're doing laps in the local pool, or heading down to the beach for a splash in the shallows, you'll need to remove your hearing aids first. As your audiologist will tell you when you first get fitted with your devices, water and the electric circuitry inside your hearing aids don't mix well. 

To keep your hearing aids in ship shape, make sure you store them in a waterproof or dehumidifier case for protection.

When you're doing your hair

If you like using products to style your hair in the morning, you should leave your hearing aids off until you've finished your 'do. This is because products like gel and hairspray can get into your hearing aids, potentially causing them to malfunction.

When you go to bed 

As part of your evening routine, it's a good idea to remove your hearing aids before bed. While it is possible to sleep with them on, it's not generally advised – you don't really need to be listening to anything when you're sleeping! Furthermore, by wearing your hearing aids while you're asleep, you'll also inflict additional wear and tear over time, which could lead to you needing to replace your devices sooner. 

By removing your hearing aids at night, you're also giving your ears a chance to air out, which is vital for the hygiene of your ear canal. 

When you bathe

As we mentioned earlier – water and your hearing aids don't mix. So before you shower, take a bath or wash your hair, you'll need to remove your hearing aids. When you do, try not to leave them lying on the bathroom counter, as the humid, damp environment of the bathroom can result in moisture making its way into your hearing aids.

Instead, pop your hearing aids into a dehumidifier case, or keep them in a different room while you're bathing. 

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