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Alta2: A hearing solution that suits you

What's one of the first things people are concerned about when they learn they need to get hearing aids? Their appearance! It might sound a bit conceded, but many people associate hearing loss with old age, disability and weakness. For others, the physical appearance of needing to wear hearing aids appears cumbersome and unattractive, so they defer from getting and using the help they require. Perhaps some of this fear comes from the lack of knowledge regarding the modern technology that is available to us today!

Believe it or not, but once you have a consultation with an audiologist to determine what type of solution would be good for you, you can finally start to get fitted for a solution that could even be considered as chic as it is functional. 

Before we get into Oticon's Alta2 hearing solution technologies and why they're perfect for you, let's first take a minute to understand the way hearing is processed by us individually. 

We all hear differently

Did you know that we all hear and process sound a little differently than the next person? This is because you hear with your brain as opposed to your ears, and as such, your mind creates an individual listening experience based on what it thinks you'll want to hear. There are lots of different things that alter the way we hear – much of it dependent on our environment. At the end of the day, however, doesn't this mean we need a hearing solution that is unique to the way we hear? If you answered yes to that question, keep reading!

It's time for a hearing solution that is as unique as you are.It's time for a hearing solution that is as unique as you are.

Make your hearing solution as unique as you

You wouldn't expect speakers of such a small size to be able to produce the power they do – some would even say, you won't believe your ears! With the Alta2 devices, you'll learn how you can personalise your hearing solution to match your individual hearing requirements. The hearing solution was created with you in mind, as it draws on modern technology to create a fit that rests comfortably in every ear.

The fact that Alta2's sleek designs are customised to also fit your personal aesthetic is just a bonus!

Think you're ready for a FREE* hearing consultation? With these options available, you can click here to make a booking, or call our specialists on 1300 674 934.

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