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Why are hearing aids so expensive?


There are many things in life that we’re happy to pay a little extra for because of quality. For example, some smartphones come with an expensive retail price, but they’re popular because they offer a range of features. When it comes to hearing aids, should it be any different?

Prescription versus over-the-counter hearing aids

Firstly, you may think that it’s simply easier and cheaper to buy hearing aids in-store. Those ones you see with a general threshold should help you to hear clearer, right?

While that may be so, they could be doing more harm than good to your hearing. That’s because they’re not necessarily the right hearing solution for your ears. When left improperly treated, your hearing loss can worsen. Also, many types of hearing loss are irreversible. With your health at stake, why would you compromise on that just to save a few dollars in the short-term?

Hearing aids are expensive, but that’s because they offer a much more tailored approach to supporting your hearing. Let’s have a look as to why hearing aids are so expensive.

When it comes to your health, you shouldn't compromise on quality.When it comes to your health and hearing, you shouldn’t compromise on quality.

The costs behind hearing aids

The hearing aid industry is constantly striving to research and develop better hearing aids with each advancement in technology. It’s one of the reasons we now have small, slim devices that offer tinnitus support and can even connect to our smartphones! This is opposed to those large, bulky ear trumpets of old, which weren’t too convenient to carry around.

The price of hearing aids helps to fun future research for better hearing solutions.

It’s mostly because of this extensive research that hearing aids are so expensive. You’re contributing towards the decades of years spent over research, science and health studies, just to develop such a modern invention for our ears. The actual materials that make up hearing aids are only a small fraction of the cost.

You’ll be funding future research for better hearing aids, so if you ever need to upgrade, you’ll hopefully have more advanced aids to choose from. This is an ongoing cycle.

Of course, the price of your hearing aid could be covered through private healthcare insurance. It’s up to you to find the right one, as Australia’s Medicare doesn’t include hearing aids. Have a chat to an audiologist to see what options there are – just call us on 1800 940 982.

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