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The Campaign For Better Hearing – Join the Movement!

When a person becomes ill, they're highly likely to seek out medical help fairly quickly, right? So, why are so many people living with hearing loss waiting an average of seven years before receiving assistance, according to a Deloitte Access Economics report1.

Here at Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions, we're hoping to change this figure and raise awareness for hearing health through the Campaign For Better Hearing.

We're encouraging the people of Australia to 'test your ears at 60 years' as part of our Campaign For Better Hearing.We're encouraging the people of Australia to 'test your ears at 60 years' as part of our Campaign For Better Hearing.

Why are we doing the Campaign for Better Hearing?

Hearing loss isn't uncommon in Australia. In fact, one in seven people are believed to live with some form of hearing loss1. Although so many live with hearing loss, those affected are waiting a worryingly long time before seeking help. During these seven years, people can experience the negative side effects of untreated hearing loss. They may choose to take themselves out of social situations in order to reduce the risk of embarrassment, experience depression and even miss out on prospective career advancements, all due to not being able to hear correctly.

The demographic most affected by hearing loss are those above the age of 60. Around 50 – 60 per cent of people over this age live with hearing loss, according to the National Foundation for the Deaf2. This is otherwise known as age-related hearing loss (ARHL). Furthermore, those over the age of 65 are three times more likely to have hearing loss than younger adults3.

One in seven people are believed to live with some form of hearing loss.

Currently, the prevalence of hearing loss in the better ear affects around 3.6 million people1. However, due to the aged population being the highest it's ever been due to lower fertility and increased life expectancy, this figure is predicted to double to 7.8 million people by 20601. Therefore, it is believed that hearing loss will affect one in five, rather than the current one in seven people.

Hearing loss not only affects many Australians, it also concerns the country as a whole. In 2017, the financial cost of hearing loss was estimated to be $15.9 billion and the value of lost wellbeing a further $17.4 billion, for a total sum of $33.3 billion, states the report1.

So, how can we make a change for the better?

What are the campaign's main goals?

Due to age-related hearing loss affecting so many above the age of 60, and with the effects of untreated hearing loss impeding many Australians' quality of life, here at Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions we're encouraging everyone to 'test your ears at 60 years!' 

You'll see our promotional material across social media platforms and may even spy the team at Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions around town hosting 'Go Bananas' events.

These events are hoping to shine a light on the importance of hearing health, with a focus on bananas. But why bananas? This yellow fruit is full of potassium – a mineral crucial for regulating levels within the inner ear that work to transform electrical signals into recognisable sounds. As we get older, potassium levels in the body decrease which in turn increases the risk for ARHL. Therefore, the consumption of potassium-rich foods (such as bananas) can help to maintain these levels.

From February 26, keep an eye out for the team at ADHS around town, giving out bananas and offering hearing screenings at no cost. If your results reveal the need for further hearing assistance, we'll book a follow up appointment at your local Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions branch.

For more information on how you can get involved in the Campaign For Better Hearing, give us a call on 1800 940 982 today.

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