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Are two hearing aids better than one?

Do you have a 'strong ear'? Many who are affected by hearing loss often find that one ear can hear better than the other, otherwise known as asymmetrical hearing loss. As such, they also believe that this means they only need one hearing solution. But isn't two almost always better than one? 

Here's why you should consider using two hearing aids even if you have one good ear. 

Asymmetrical hearing loss is common, but you should still wear two hearing aids. Can you say that to my 'good ear'?

The challenges of only using one hearing aid 

Those with asymmetrical hearing loss, have difficulties with the following, according to the Hearing Care Industry Association (HCIA)1:

  • Spatial localisation of sound (the ability to tell where sounds are coming from),
  • Auditory discrimination (differentiating foreground from background sounds).

In order to correct this, people will get a hearing aid in the bad ear to keep up with the better ear. While this might work to correct your hearing for a little bit, it can actually start to have adverse affects after too long. That's because the hearing solution is making it quite easy to hear, meanwhile the other ear has to work to match. This puts a great strain on the ear and can damage it. Therefore, using just one hearing aid is only prolonging the inevitable of needing two.

Why two is really more discreet than one

Bianural hearing aids stimulate both ears, giving you better quality, more balanced hearing.

We understand why many choose to only wear one hearing aid – because back in the day, they used to be clunky and noticeable so people felt one was less obvious than two. These days however, hearing solutions are incredibly thin and lightweight. Once used to them, you can hardly feel them yourself let alone someone else notice them. 

That said, if you only use one hearing aid, you worsen your hearing in the other ear and you'll force people to speak to your 'good ear'. This will be more noticeable than wearing two hearing aids. Bianural hearing aids stimulate both ears, giving you better quality, more balanced hearing no matter what situation you're in. 

To learn more about how two hearing aids are better than one, make an appointment at no cost* to you with our expert team here at Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions. Give our expert team a call on 1800 940 982 or click here to request your assessment. 

1. HCIA, The Social and Economic Cost of Hearing Loss in Australia. Accessed April 2018. 

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