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What to consider when looking for the perfect hearing aid

With advanced technology, discrete designs and customisable features, the hearing aids of today are a world apart from what they once were. However, among the range of excellent devices available, it can be tricky deciding which one is right for you.

With a little help from Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions, here's what to consider when looking for your perfect hearing aid.

Your lifestyle choices will affect which hearing aid style is right for you.Your lifestyle choices will affect which hearing aid style is right for you.

1. Listening and lifestyle needs

Your lifestyle choices and the listening environments will both influence the type of hearing aid and features you choose.

Which category best describes you?

  • Active – You're a busy bee who spends a lot of time in noisy environments and communicates with many people throughout the day. You lead an active lifestyle and frequent louder events such as concerts and sporting games.
  • Moderate – You spend a reasonable amount of time socialising in smaller groups and enjoy milder activities such as dinner with friends and attending the theatre.
  • Quiet – The majority of your time is spent with fewer people and you don't frequent loud environments. Your level of communication is mainly on a one-to-one basis.

Here at Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions, we'll work with you to decipher the exact features you'll need to help enhance your hearing for specific listening environments.

For example, if you meet the criteria of a demanding lifestyle, we'll recommend devices that work to bolster speech clarity and reduce listening effort, so you can enjoy better sound quality at all times.

All of our hearing aids can be adapted to suit your lifestyle needs, meaning that your device will be completely tailor-made to meet your personal requirements.

Your lifestyle choices and the listening environments you frequent most will both influence the type of hearing aid and features you choose.

2. Styles

There are several types of hearing aids available at Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions, all with their own features and benefits. Here are some of the most common:

  • Behind the ear (BTE) : This device hooks over the top of the ear and rests behind, with a piece of clear tubing connecting the hearing aid to an ear mould within the ear canal. The BTE is suitable for all types of hearing loss due to its superior sound quality, strong amplification levels and excellent speech understanding. 
  • Receiver in the ear (RITE): Like the BTE model, the RITE's receiver also sits directly within the ear, but is connected by a thin wire rather than tubing. The RITE is also a little smaller than the BTE and comes in five different styles, all ranging in size for ultimate personalisation. Enjoy better speech understanding even in the noisiest environments with this model.
  • Invisible in the ear canal (IIC): If you want a hearing aid that can't be seen, the IIC may be the model for you. This device rests in the second bend of the ear, ensuring that it's invisible. Although this hearing aid is one of the smallest, you'll still get to enjoy fantastic listening and better speech understanding.
  • In the canal and completely in canal (ITC, CIC): ITC devices are one of the smaller models available at Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions and fit partially in the ear canal. The ITC can be used for people living with mild to moderate hearing loss. The CIC is another smaller model that is worn completely within the ear. There are several different styles available for both models.

3. Visit the experts at Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions

The first step to finding the perfect hearing aids begins with undergoing a professional hearing assessment by a clinician at Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions. Best part is, our hearing checks are no cost* for anyone over the age of 26!

During your hearing assessment at no cost*, we'll conduct tests to discover just where your hearing abilities lie. If we think that hearing aids are needed, we'll run through our devices and demonstrate exactly how they work.

If you think that your hearing has declined or you're ready to give your old hearing aids a well-needed upgrade, contact us today on 1800 940 982 or click here to book.

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