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Life hacks to make your hearing aids more comfortable


The process around hearing loss can be relatively pain-free, provided you place the health of your hearing as top priority, and have a good support group – this can include family, friends, and also the team at your local Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions clinic.

Small things, such as wearing a hearing aid, can be made much easier with all this support. In saying so, it can still be tricky to master wearing one without any discomfort, so here are some hearing aid life hacks to help you out.

Hearing aids shouldn’t be and aren’t painful

It’s also important to know that your hearing aid shouldn’t cause you any pain – taking your time when choosing and fitting a device can help you to purchase the right one to fit your ears, whether behind-the-ear (BTE), invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) or any of the other styles that we offer.

Of course, everyone’s ears are slightly different – they’re unique to you. If there is a part that is rubbing against your ear a bit, a thin swipe of Vaseline can help – just make sure it’s not on any openings that could clog up or inhibit function.

Improving the comfort of your hearing aids

Modern technology has brought with it many small aids that are almost weightless and virtually undetectable to the naked eye. However, it can still take some getting used to.

When you are first fitted with an appropriate hearing aid, you need to build up wear time incrementally. Start in a comfortable environment, such as your home, surrounded by few people. Once you’re comfortable here, you can move to larger areas with more people and increased background noise. Starting with large areas, without allowing your ears to adjust can quickly overwhelm your senses.

Making a slow transition to using your hearing aid can build up familiarity and reduce levels of discomfort. Whether you have a hearing solution from an Adelaide Digital Hearing Solution clinic or not, any questions or concerns about your hearing aid can be answered by our friendly staff.

Get in touch with your audiologist if you have any queries about your device or your hearing. You can call us at 1300 674 934 or click here to book a no cost* hearing test today.

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