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Oticon Opn™: Technology for your brain and hearing

You'd assume you hear with your ears, but think again – it's your brain. There are delicate hairs within your inner ear which pick up sound waves as vibrations. These hairs then transport the vibrations as electrical signals to the brain, which compares the sound to one stored in your memory. That's how you can identify which sounds are which.

In people with hearing loss, there is something missing between the process of sounds entering the ear canal and when the brain places it to a familiar one. It could be that those delicate hairs are damaged, and so the brain only receives fragmented sounds. This can put the brain under more cognitive strain just to be able to make sense of these distorted sounds, and leads to hearing fatigue.

To combat this, it's important that hearing solutions understand the connection between our brain and ears. That's where the aptly named BrainHearing™ technology comes in – you'll find this employed in the use of the highly-advanced Oticon Opn™ hearing aids.

Give the flick to hearing fatigue

Also called hearing loss exhaustion, hearing fatigue is when you find yourself low in energy with no known explanation. It's especially overwhelming when you finish long meetings and seminars. If this is you, it could be you're mentally strained, which affects your physical wellbeing, too.

Hearing aids can help solve this problem by allowing your ears to pick up sounds with more clarity. However, traditional hearing aids only work to amplify sounds, and are limited by sound direction, background noise and multiple streams of conversation. That's not how your brain and ears pick up sounds. While our inner ear receives a wide range of sounds from all directions, it is our brain that filters these out to select the most relevant strands of speech or noise. This is something that the Oticon Opn™ works to emulate.

Does your brain feel exhausted after a day of staining your ears to hear?
Does your brain feel exhausted after a day of staining your ears to hear?

Hearing for your brain

As sounds reach us from all directions, the volumes constantly fluctuate depending on which way we turn our heads and the distance these sounds travel. The Oticon Opn™ uses OpenSound Navigator to work the same way.

This technology is driven by the Velox™ platform, which continuously works to scan all 360 degrees of a user's environment at unparalleled speeds. Compared to the Alta2 Pro, which is already one of the most advanced hearing solutions currently on the market, the Oticon Opn™ can process sounds 50 times faster, making more than 30,000 calculations each minute.

No matter where you are or what streams of sound are around you, OpenSound Navigator constantly scans surroundings at 100 times per second, distinguishing between speech and background noise. The volume of these sounds are then altered before reaching your ears, so that your brain isn't overwhelmed by every sound it picks up.

How does this work alongside your brain? The Oticon Opn™ has been proven to reduce listening effort by 20 per cent by increasing speech understanding by 30 per cent1. With the device doing the bulk of the work when processing sounds, your brain can then focus energy and efforts onto other things, such as recalling conversations 20 per cent better!1

This hearing solution emulates the brain your brain reacts to sound.
This hearing solution emulates the way your brain reacts to sound.

Reach out to a wider soundscape

There's a rich world of sound out there, that you're just getting a sliver of. Your brain should be focussed on enjoying moments with your loved ones, rather than spent mulling over whether or not a conversation is worth the effort.

You don't have to suffer from headaches, lack of energy or social isolation anymore – come into one of our clinics and have a chat to see what the Oticon Opn™ can offer you.

The Oticon Opn™ is just replacing what hearing loss has removed – all you have to do is click here and book a FREE* consultation with one of our friendly team to find out more, or give us a call on 1300 674 934.

1Compared to the Alta2 Pro.

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